Jaguar Mk X convertible

Jaguar 420 G convertible from 1969

Even a XJ40 has been converted into a 2-door cabriolet.

The concept car Daimler XJ300 Corsica convertible was build in 1996 by Jaguar to commemorate Daimler’s centenary. It was named after the 1931 Daimler Double-Six Corsica. The car was a one-off never intended for production. The Car has made a limited numbers of appearances at car shows and events. It’s owned by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and displayed at the Jaguar museum at Browns Lane, Coventry.

Tomorrows Jaguar convertible?

The focus of this website is the beautiful Jaguar XJ convertible. Jaguar has never build an open version of the XJ, but they build the donor car the 2-doors XJC (the coupe version of the XJ series 2). Then a handful of coach workers around the world during the years have converted a estimated numbers of 50 into convertibles. Even a few 4-doors XJ’s has been converted into convertibles.

Some might call it blasphemy converting an original Jaguar into an estate or convertible, but coach working is in fact an important chapter of British car history. In general most of the converted cars are rebuild in great respect to the original design and therefore might be considered as “the missing link” Jaguar never build them self.

The ultimate Mrk. II a beautiful convertible (visit: http://www.vicarage.co.uk/)
The vision of rebuilding Jaguar salon cars into convertible is not new, but because the XJC model already was a 2-door model it was much easier to convert than for example the Mrk. II, the XJ salon or the XJ300 – but despite the difficulties some have done it…

Jag-freak from an early age
Jaguar have been the car brand of my dreams, ever since I as a child in the 60’s grove up in a sleepy suburban 15 km from the center of Copenhagen (Denmark),. This is thanks to a local car dealer and collector with a great collection of Jaguars that I quite often visited in my younger days. In the mid 90’s I had a XJC coupe and today I’m the lucky owner of one of the rare XJC convertible.

Enjoy and participate
Because of the rareness of this model it’s difficult to get information on the car. I have been doing some research on the Intetnet and you are invited to reed about the XJC convertible.
I hope you will enjoy the pictures, technical information ect. and maybe if your self have a convertible you will join the XJC convertible register. If you want to sell a XJC convertible, you can do it for free. If you have interesting pictures, documents ect. that you think will in light the history of this rare model, you are invited to e-mail the material (please se contact info under “Contact”)

I hope that you will enjoy the webpage.

Win Åndahl