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Jaguar 4,2

Production year: 1975
Steering: LHD
Convention by: Avon-Stevens
Convention year: 1981

Gearbox: Auto
Gearbox no:
Chassis no: 2J1258BW
Engine no: 8L19429s

Body colour: Dark blue Trim
Trim colour: Biscuit
Hood colour: Dark blue
Hood type: Manual

Win Åndahl
Springbanen 33, 2., 2802 Gentofte, Denmark
+45 40 85 10 06

Bought: 2007

Previous owner:
Walter Hadermann
Molenweg 76, 1780 Wemmel, Belgium
1991 - 2007

Previous owner:
George Boyadsi
14 Boston Gardens, Brentford TW8 9LW, England
1986 - 1991

Previous owner:
Michael John Cropley
101 Southmere Drive, Great Horton, Bradford BD7 3NT, England
1984 - 1986

History: Ever since I saw the XJC for the first time many years ago, this Jag model has been my favourite car. 15 years ago I found a Jaguar XJ6C that became my every-day-car for 4 years. But actually the XJC convertible is my dream car no. 1 and at last I realised my dream in 2007 - I found a XJC convertible in Bruxelles that spend the last 15 year as a wedding car for hire.


Daimler Double Six 12 cyl

Production year: 1976
Steering: RHD
Convention by: Avon-Stevens
Convention year: year

Gearbox: 3 speed Borg Warner automatic
gearbox Gearbox no: no.
Chassis no: 2F 1047 BW
Engine no: 7P 26301 SB

Body colour: Signal Red
Trim colour: Black
Hood: Black Hood
type: manual / electric

Owner: David Jobson-Scott
North Devon

History: There is very little history at present with the car. The first Company Director owner kept her for six years and she was then sold on to the Works Manager. Very unusually for a Daimler V12, air conditioning was deleted from the specification by the first owner. The third owner purchased her in May 1994.

The earliest surviving MOT certificate dates from 1995, when the mileage was recorded as 49,366. By 2002 it had risen to 49,949 and by March 2007 is was 50,672! A multitude of problems cropped up over the months of July and August 2007 as the car was gradually reactivated. The fuel injectors have been a particular problem. The car has had extensive work (body and mechanics) carried out since then and now drives very well. Most of the chrome has been replaced with new. Recorded mileage is just over 52,000 (2008).


Daimler 5.3l – 12 cyl

Production year: 1977
Steering: RHD
Convention by: Avon-Stevens
Convention year: 1978?

Gearbox: auto
Gearbox no: 77 ZA 2518
Chassis no: 2F 1225 BW
Engine no: 7P 33318 SA

Body colour: dark blue
Trim colour: Russet
Hood colour: Black
Hood type: manual

Owner: Joachim Hegny
D-65201 Wiesbaden, Germany

Bought: 2005

Previous owners: Christopher Mann (Bodyshop Magazine)
Hertfordshire, UK

Previous owners: David W. Diehl
Woking, Surrey, UK

Previous owners: Devitt Aviation Ltd.
London, UK

History: Following the purchase of the car by the Bodyshop Magazine the car was subject of a complete restoration, which was featured in the Bodyshop Magazine from October 1993. After the restoration the car appeared on the Bodyshop stand at automotive shows to demonstrate their products

I purchased the car in August 2005 and drove it from London to Wiesbaden in Germany. At the end of 2005 we decided to give it another full restoration which is still ongoing. Hopefully the car is back on the road next year (2009).


Jaguar 4.2 l

Production year: 1977
Steering: RHD
Convention by: Lynx Convention
year: 1983

Gearbox: auto
Gearbox no:
Chassis no: 2J 286 0BW
Engine no:

Body colour: Red
Trim colour: Parchment Hyde
Hood colour: Black
Hood type: electric

Owner: Colin Antell
00 34 667251300

Bought: 1998


Jaguar XJC 4,2l - 6 cyl

Production year: 1977
Steering: RHD (right)
Convention by: Unknown
Convention year: Unknown

Gearbox: auto
Gearbox no: no.
Chassis no: no.
Engine no: no.

Body colour: Signal Red
Trim colour: Black
Hood colour: Black
Hood type: manual

Owner: Russell Shaw
Staffordshire, UK

Bought: Inherited from father 2006

Previous owners: Howard Shaw (Deceased)
1995 - 2006

Previous owners: name / e-mail
address / country
year to year

Previous owners: name / e-mail
address / country
year to year

History: Purchased by my father in 1995 as a running project, the car has undergone moderate restoraiton and is in fine structural condition. The paintwork, resprayed by my Dad is not perfect but for a beginner he made a fine job. Just now back on the road after a couple of years stored after his death I look forward to some great days out this summer.


Jaguar XJC V-12

Production year: 1975
Steering: LHD
Convention by: CATZ Automotive
Convention year: 1995

Gearbox: Getrag 5 speed manual
Chassis no: UG2G50481
Engine no: 7P260631A

Body colour: Burgundy pearl
Trim colour: Parchment
Hood colour: Tan
Hood type: manual

Owner: Thomas A. Zebrasky
10178 Springfield Road
Poland, Ohio 44514 USA
Bought: 1990

History: I purchased this car in a rusty, no-running condition. The sills and floors were gone and since all of this needed replace I considered the “chop.” Being and engineer who owns a restoration shop this was a personal project and a labour of love. This car has been taken down to nothing and restored from the ground up. Everything is new or refurbished. A 5 speed transmission was taken from a BMW and mated to the V-12 engine. The V-12 was rebuilt completely and a set of late model “May Fireball” heads fitted retaining the original fuel injection set up. The body was stripped down to the metal and sprayed in a burgundy with gold pearl base coat/clear coat. The interior was done in parchment with Brazilin Rose Wood accents. The car was then fitted with a stainless steel sport exhaust and new chrome wire wheels. This is a stunning example of the car Jaguar should have built and is the envy of every car show let alone a jaunt for ice cream on a Saturday night. I have enjoyed this car for many trouble free years but alas may garage is bursting and it’s time to thin the herd. I would consider selling or partial trading this car. It will not be cheap as I have well over 6 figures in the car and it simply cannot be duplicated for anything less.





Daimler 4,2l – 6 cyl

Production year: 1976
Steering: RHD
Conversion by: JJB CAR REPAIRS (UK)
Convention year: 1989

Gearbox: Auto Gearbox no: 025 23405
Chassis no: 2H1735BW Engine no: 8L37396S
Body colour: Black Trim colour: Tuscan
Hood colour: Black Hood type: Manual

Owner: NICOD Xavier
Bought: 1994

Previous owners: MASTER Gene
1991 to 1994

Previous owners: STAGHIGH LTD
year to year 1989 to 1991

History: the car was fully restored and converted similarly to what was made by Avon-Stevens when in 1989 when it was bought by company STAGHISH Ltd.





JAGUAR 4.2l-6Cylinder

Version: JAGUAR
Engine: 4.2l-6Cylinder

Production year: 1977
Steering: RHD
Convention by: Fliptop of London
Convention year: 1990

Gearbox: Auto
Gearbox no:
Chassis no: 2J2875BW
Engine no: 8L51651S

Body colour: Opalescent Silver Grey
Trim colour: BLACK
Hood colour: BLACK
Hood type: MANUAL

Owner: Anthony Raylor
Simons Town, South Africa
00 27 21 781 0091

Bought: 2003

Previous owners: D.Streeting
Skegness UK

History: The car was first registered 1977. In 1989 at a mileage of 50527 it was made into a convertible by Fliptop Conversions of London . In 1999 it was partially restored , new soft top cover, carpets , wings, fitted ‘Pepperpot Wheels’ and repainted.

After purchase by the owner in May 2003 with a mileage of 53600 (3073 miles in 14 years)it had under body & mechanical work done prior to shipping to South Africa where it had a re-spray.

April 2008 it was decide to undertake a full restoration including metal replacement, ful bare metal re-spray, upgrading mechanicals by fitting fuel injection and air con. Series 3 specification, interior trim & exterior fittings have been fitted. This work will be completed by April 2009


Jaguar 4,2

Production year: 1976
Steering: RHD
Conversion by: Chop Top Sydney
Conversion year: 1998

Gearbox: 3 Speed Auto
Chassis no: 2J2336BW
Engine no: 8L34107L

Body colour: White
Trim colour: Leather Parchment
Hood colour: Black
Hood type: Manual

Owner: Philip J. Prior
1 Salrak Avenue Marion
South Australia 5043

Bought: October 2010

Previous owner:
Russell Kinsela Pty Ltd
Narrabeen (Sydney N.S.W.)
The 18th of February 1977.

Previous owner:
At some stage in the 1990s it was owned by a limousine company in Sydney.

Previous owner:
In early 1998 Mr R. Spata commissioned the conversion to a convertible.

Previous owner:
A limousine company in N.S.W. owned by Mike Horsley.

Previous owner:
The limousine company "Surrey Limos" in Melbourne.

History: Once I decided I wanted an XJC the search began in earnest. I found there were approximately 10 for sale in Australia (mid 2010) in different configurations. I have to admit this surprised me given the relatively small number originally delivered in Australia. (139 in 4.2 6Cyl) There were V12s, 4.2ltr straight sixes, ( a 4.2 ltr was always my preference) there were ones with and ones without the original vinyl roofs, some with leather and some with rather awful velour trim and in a range of conditions from rust buckets to some very nice cars. Prices on the cars ranged in price from $5,500 (E-Bay) to $38,000. I came within a Jaguar's whisker of purchasing the one priced at $38,000 having negotiated a final purchase price of $32,500. However family issues intervened and I cooled off on that deal. It was a very nice car but in hindsight probably really worth around $25,000 in my opinion. For a brief period I seriously considered the purchase of a XJS convertible. But when this XJC convertible surfaced on the net there was little doubt this was the car for me and am delighted with my purchase. I think the fact that it compliments the X350 and the S Type so well was a real winner for me.

Although I do not have a great deal of history on this car as yet, I do know it was Australian delivered to Russell Kinsela Pty Ltd in Narrabeen (Sydney N.S.W.) on the 18th of February 1977. It was sold by Bryson Industries Pty Ltd N.S.W. with original registration JK 248. At some stage in the 1990s it was owned by a limousine company in Sydney. In early 1998 the car was owned by Mr R Spata who commissioned the conversion to a convertible, the work being done in Sydney by a well known company called "Chop Top". A full engineering certification was carried out at the time; a copy is now in my possession. The car was purchased by another limousine company in N.S.W. owned by Mike Horsley. Mike I believe had two of these cars and found he did not have the business to justify the two and sold the car to yet another limousine company "Surrey Limos" in Melbourne from whom I purchased the car in October 2010.

Some will have noted that the car has had some cosmetic up-dates. The bumpers, door handles, boot lid, tail lights, mirrors, bonnet and grill are Series 3, whilst the wire wheels are Holden 14 inch bolt-on (some will remember these from the 1970's offered as an option on Holden Statesman) and the chrome wheel arches are a common extra. All of which I believe enhance the cars appearance and are very tasteful.